When IZE Creative Decided To Doodle

October 29, 2013 by IZE Creative

Being a Creative Agency is fun. You get to create mind-boggling and innovative content, organize crazy campaigns, go bonkers on canvas and pray it becomes the next “Big Art” and so on. The constructive aspect about such agencies are that the staff would have the complete freedom to try out new things as that’s exactly the aspect on which the industry and therefore the agency survives. They have to make “ideas” their favorite word.

It hasn’t been very long since IZE Creative started poking its head into the market. There have been lots of “been-there-done-that” moments for us. As our clientele grew and so did our confidence, we started venturing out into unknown waters. Thankfully, all those routes led us to a treasure island.

Similarly is the beginning of our relationship with Doodle Art. None of us had any experience doodling, nor did we have a mentor to guide us through. But well, all in good faith we started off.

Two Doodles – one for IZE Creative and one for our buddies at DayScholars Innovations. Being first timers, it took us quite sometime. The result, you can see for yourselves below -



Loved it? Or not? Let us know.

P.S. Thanks for the support anyways!


– Vj