How to market using article videos?

September 18, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

Article video marketing is way more appealing than other digital media marketing strategies deployed nowadays. No matter what you do online, you must have stumbled upon at least one video. Ain’t that true?

Why is it known as Article Video Marketing?

Simple. Because, it is an extended version of Article marketing and it’s often chose for marketing as videos can pass the message to large group of audience in short period of time.

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Video has got this amazing merit that, in some way or other you can narrate whatever you dream up. In simple words it can be created for almost any reason, whether you wish to promote a service/product, narrate your story to existing or future clients or for any other crazy reason.

Moreover, you can survive, publish and distribute your video easily via youtube and other such web search engines. YouTube alone has more than 4 billion views per day, and it’s the second-largest search engine, right after Google (which owns YouTube). Also video is more searchable than other posts. It’s a fact that Almost 70% of top 100 search listing on Google gives video results on the top. Mind blown right ?

Some ways to utilise video marketing are :-

Promotional videos :

Rather than clichéd commercials, short informercials attract the target audience. As the name suggests, informercials stands for information giving commercial advertisement clippings. A traditional animated/stop motion animated video for your company, highlighting all the plus points may enlighten target audience.

Testimonial videos :

Shooting and posting testimonial videos will give confidence for your clients and future clients to buy your products/services. More over those search whereabouts of your company will get a good impression as these kind of testimonial videos will increase the visibility.

Interview videos :

Apart from testimonial videos, it will be good if the top leads or C executives of your firm can communicate the company’s message via interviews. This will help to establish your brand as a thought leader in the industry.


Video blog aka vlog is yet another option. Adding vlogs or other attention grabbing videos(but of course related to your company’s vector) will enhance your brand image and improve the web visibility. It will assist Search Engine Optimization deeds happening in background.

Frequently Asked Questions videos :

Giving an option to your clients to have easy access to the solutions to their common doubts will make them chose your company over your rivals.

Those who would love to read long articles are seldom. But that doesn’t mean you can create long complex videos for marketing. Most attention grabbing videos are thought provoking stuffs but concise. What matters is whether you are a good story teller or not.

Videos draw more comments than long texts. In fact, it allows real-time feedback and interaction. So utilize this opportunity well to communicate with your customers.

PS: Keep it in mind that a video is complete only if you blend it with a perfect audio clip. 40% of what you perceive from a video is audio.