Update: IPG Mediabrands Partners With IZE Creative

April 1, 2014 by IZE Creative

Its the new financial year and it’s off to a hell of a start for us!

Before we get to the big news, a bit of background check. IZE Creative started off in 2011 October and was officially registered as a company in 2013 January. By then, we had already worked with a good bunch of awesome people. We never believed in creating hype about ourselves as we felt our work would speak for itself. And that’s exactly what has happened.

Though we started off as a Social Media Marketing Firm, since past 6-7 months we have been focusing only on the content part – content development and content marketing. Each and every single one of these clients have come by WoM and that’s something to be truly proud of.

So, why is everything so happy for us today? Well, The InterPublic Group’s subsidiary, IPG MediaBrands, which invests close to $37 Billion in Worldwide media Ad Spend has taken over a majority stake with us, to support its Mumbai Office in its Content Strategy and Development Team. For a small team like ours, its a HUGE accomplishment and  true moment of joy. Though the discussions have been going on for over 3 weeks, the final confirmation was reached yesterday.

IPG Mediabrands

We had made sure the news of the discussions stayed within the office, so much so that, we didn’t even mention it to our best friends or parents whom we meet everyday. More so, almost all of them would be coming to know of this tie-up via this blog post. Since it’s an Official Deal, the best way to get the word out is via the Official Blog itself. Right?

The operations of IZE will still be headquartered at Kochi, but the majority of the team will be shifted to Mumbai. I myself plan to shift my time between Kochi and Mumbai.

It feels awesome to have our work recognized by doyens of the industry. I would like to whole-heartedly thank each and everyone of our supporters and readers of our blog. Because if not for you, this April Fool’s Joke wouldn’t have worked out. Thank you for wasting your time reading through our prank. Wish you a wonderful April Fools Day :D

IZE Creative is happily working out of Kochi, and the last time I heard, IPG Mediabrands doesn’t even know that such a firm even exists :D

P.S. Dear guys at IPG Mediabrands, do not take this prank to heart. The only reason why I used your firm’s name is because IPG MB is one Media Company I absolutely adore and respect. Hope no love lost here :)

- Vijay S Paul

  • Mittu Tigi

    Congrats Vijay. Really proud of you.

    • http://vijayspaul.com/ Vijay S Paul

      Dude… You did read the whole thing. Didnt you? O_o

      • Mittu Tigi

        OH i did! did you read my entire comment?

        • http://vijayspaul.com/ Vijay S Paul


          • Mittu Tigi

            and you didnt find any thing remotely sarcastic? :D :D :D :D :D

  • http://malharbarai.com/ Malhar Barai


    • http://vijayspaul.com/ Vijay S Paul


  • Weave

    On behalf of IPG Mediabrands, I’d like to say how thrilled we are with this partnership. I am also quite pleased to announce that IZE Creative’s Vijay S. Paul has taken a new role in our advertising conglomerate as Special Vice Director of Everything that Ends in Q. Please congratulate Vijay on this exciting new journey.

    • http://vijayspaul.com/ Vijay S Paul

      You just made my day Eric :)
      Thanks a ton! :D

    • Mittu Tigi

      hahaha… everything that ends in Q!!! :D

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