Top 7 Web CopyWriting Tips

March 10, 2014 by Preethy V Warrier

When you put your pen down to pour your ideas on to paper, have you ever felt it difficult searching for apt words within your thoughts? Have you felt that “I could have expressed this in a better way”?

Experienced writers can easily tackle these situations. They can get out of the writing block easier. But what about beginners?

Copywriting is a substantive part of all marketing strategies; be it offline or online. A good work of copywriting initiates the audience into taking a desired action. This skill is as much an art, as it is a science.

Here are some tips to improve your copywriting skills.

1. Catchy headlines – foremost guideline

Do you go through the newspaper article in detail if you don’t find the headline attractive? The same applies to websites as well. If your headline is not catchy, customers won’t even read the first line. It should be small yet powerful.

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2. Customers are the prime concern

You may write about the offerings of your company, but think from the customer perspective. Understand what their needs are. Use simple language to convey the services you are providing. Note that the contents have to be true. Do not bluff. Your words should be genuine. Readers are smart and can realize the sincerity in your words. Frame your contents in such a way that they trust you.

3. Make it crisp

People nowadays don’t bother to read the entire article or instructions. They search for the specific topics they need. If you can’t provide the proper information, they are forced to rely on other websites. Competition is getting tough day by day.

Take special care about some of the basic rules of copywriting. Avoid unnecessary adjectives which irritate the reader. Active voice always suits better. Instead of saying “this can be provided by the company”, frame it such that it directly enters the subject, like “the company provides solution to . . .”

Doesn’t that sound better?

 make the copywriting crisp ize creative

4. Modules are always easier to understand

Instead of writing a single lengthy paragraph, divide them into chunks. This helps you organize your contents in a better way. Readers also find it interesting to scan through small paragraphs, which keep them on the path you provide. Make sure you give the important details on the first page itself. Don’t let them scroll down or navigate through pages in search of key information.

5. Images should balance the text

Pictures are always attractive than words. The same tactics can be used in your website. Include images that balance the text. Do not forget to include captions under all images. Provide main information under the image so that it easily reaches the reader. You can also include relevant videos, infographics and flash to grab the attention of readers.

6. Narrate rather than giving a speech

Write as if you are talking to a 2nd person. Make it feel like a conversation. Stories can be attractive. Include the testimonials you received so that reader develops trust in you.

Another important factor you have to consider is the language. Use positive language so that readers are not diverted. Include emotions.

 conversation in content marketing

7. Hyperlinking

This helps in providing more information to readers without bogging them down.

Web writers should know the importance of hyperlinking. If you feel that you don’t want to provide more information about a particular topic mentioned in your content, provide correct link to the article that explains it. In this way, your contents will be short and informative.

To say something to somebody is easy but to make them listen is a real tough job. Similar way, you can write anything but to make the reader stick on to your contents is a difficult job. Copywriting is a skill you have to develop. Start with “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, but the real focus should be on “why”.

The best copy isn’t just the one that has the best explanation. It’s the one that makes the reader take action. There lies the success of the marketer!

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