How Social Media Campaigns Should Be Perceived In Near Future

October 20, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

With Social Media gaining more and more traction among businesses and marketers coming closer to the truth about its prominence, plans are already on for next year. Concentrated Social Media Staffs of several reputed firms and agencies have already begun their work on campaigns for the coming years. Formulating strategies for upcoming campaigns are not as simple as filling the calendar with details of posts for future. It’s much more than that.

Social media chartWhat matters is whether you take into account the social media environment which we should expect in coming months. As this is one such field which evolves and attains massive changes over a small course of time, the marketers eyes and ears have to be forever open. The most advised way is to study the predictions/probabilities put forward by experts in this scene, identify the changes that are going to adversely affect your current campaign management techniques and make necessary improvisations in your strategies.

When inflation struck the market, leaders took a tough decision to dismiss Digital Media Marketing teams and regular staffs were forced to take up additional social networking tasks. By same time next year, more of the industry will see a profound shift towards dedicated social media staff as businesses begin to accept it as an essential part to ensure success in business.

Text is no longer counted as a means to market your product/service. Social Media as the name suggests encompasses a wide variety of options. Your post is incompetent if you are not using photos, videos, check-ins and all other such vibrant efforts to convey what you are marketing. Experts are already claiming that by the second half of 2014, creative content marketing will be mainly dependent on sites like Instagram and Vine.10 Social-Media-Icons-cloud

Google has evolved a lot in this year. It is making us google in more vibrant ways like voice searches. Localized search option, which is being over utilized these days, will change the way marketers present the content. Strategists will have to consider the questions their clients are likely to ask of a search engine and then try their best to deliver fresh content which answers those questions.

Posting compelling content which makes the audiences to share it with their connections is what viral marketers do. Even though they struggle to go further than anyone has gone before, most of the attempts will likely become lost in the pool of similar content. Thinking out of box and bringing out something innovative, unique and outrageous is turning out to be a definitive step.

As mobile continues to be a large part of a consumer’s daily life, marketers are keenly looking for new ways to engage and excite, utilizing every aspect available.  In near future, businesses will get sophisticated enough to realize how social media trends are shifting in order to better create campaigns that pop and rock.

2013 is almost coming to an end. This year itself has seen much more Social Media activity as compared to the sum total of all years till now. The trend is on the rise and the sooner the marketers realize this, the better. Let’s hope 2014 adds more dimensions to the use of Social Media.