Should We Include QR Codes in Our Marketing Campaigns?

September 10, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

“Should We Include QR Codes in Our Marketing Campaigns?”

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The answer, is yes.

In fact, if you are asking this now,  you’re already late.

Era of gadgets has long been on and your clients are already ahead of you. You will lose this game for sure if you are still trying to keep up with marketing strategies which prevailed ages ago.

Email Marketing won’t help you survive if you are not considering QR code mobile strategy seriously. The myth that it is very difficult to implement QR codes is yet another idiotism. QR codes are cost effective and it can be implemented easily without any specialized skill set.

QR, standing for Quick Response, is a 2 dimensional matrix bar-code readable by QR bar-code readers and camera phones. And yes, you can encode text, URL or any other data into the matrix.

With QR Codes, customers can interact with you and your business in real time, literally anytime.  For the target customer, it requires only more than a flash of a second to scan and click.

Common uses of QR Codes are for storing addresses and URLs in Business cards, Promotional Items, Leaflets, Brochures, Press Releases, Invoices, Receipts, Quotes, Order forms etc. One of the major advantages of QR code is that it improves the customer response rate.

Sign up QR Codes on printed forms

Encoding sign up web URLs on printed promo materials, posters, IDs or giveaways will make it easy for the clients. Nowadays, you can even see QR code printed on T-shirts [walking sign-up forms].

QR codes for follow-up campaigns

Those who have signed up via QR code should be offered with small follow-up incentives, as a part of multi-channel user engagement strategy.

Online-Offline integration

You can send in details about offers, promo code or discounts to your clients. Clients can either print the mail which contains QR code and hand over them to store managers while shopping or snap a picture of the QR code and display it on your mobile screen at the checkout counter.

For non-profit fundraising

With non-profits, engaging people is the only possible way to win. QR codes are more appealing than mere web links which you send in your mails. With QR codes you can direct people to a page where they all can donate directly to your organization. Also keep in mind that ‘gamification’ is the future of fund-raising. That is if you are organizing a virtual competition for donations, your organization will gain more.

Customer Feedback

Positive customer feedback on your business, available on the internet, will draw more customers. As to the question on how to make your clients review your products/services using this, QR codes printed on leaflet or even receipt will be appealing. If you are directing your customer to an online survey which you have created, you can even make them sign up for your digest mails or newsletters. Height of awesomeness isn’t it?

Other than these major points, a camera phone equipped with QR Code reader app can scan to:

-Connect to a wireless network

-Get contact information

-Add your signature

-Share a composed message or email

-Open a web page or directly to play a youtube video

-Add an event to your Calendar

-Share contents on Social Networking sites or even like a Facebook fan page and so on.

In short, you are free to think and deploy QR codes to automate any action depending on the encoded information.

Whether it is related to sales or services, add QR codes to every mail which you send to your customer. It will back you in email marketing and will act as a mobile lead generation and retention tool for sure.

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