Seven Points to Start Visual Content Marketing

February 13, 2014 by Preethy V Warrier

Ever wondered why gardeners set up gardens with native plants bearing red, yellow, orange, pink and purple colored flowers? Yeah it’s to attract butterflies. It’s not just because flowers are an added addition to the flower garden, but because they are needed for the natural pollination.

In fact the content marketing scenario is similar to this. Posts that can act as a visual treat for the target audience are more share-able than words. Obviously visual content is lot more trendy than other means to market content.
1 lasc-horse-aurochsHumans have been expressing and passing information through visuals since Stone age. You might have noticed that, even infants learn and respond to our actions quickly. So may be, our attraction to visual contents is within us right from our childhood.

People often go for the easiest path to gain information. That’s where you have to build your marketing strategy.

Anything is just a click away in this era. and those who do visual content marketing are on roll.  Take a look at these basic points and identify what kind of strategies suit your company and reach more fans.

 1. The BIG or motion picture

Life has become so busy that people don’t have time for long texts. They are searching for infographics, images or videos. So if you want to reach out to more people better create a picture or video, and upload. They get more likes. Of course you need to share them (more the number, lesser the pain felt). Don’t forget to maintain the quality. Those with low quality don’t sustain.

 2. Website – a MUST

Create your website with catchy pictures and titles. People always look for “what’s new”. Organize your content and provide links. If you can make a video, it will attract even more number of viewers. Update your website regularly (by now, this must have been one of your routine works). Use infographics if there are lots of statistical data. Numbers can be confusing, but comparison always strikes faster.

3. Infographics

According to the survey conducted by Skyword in 2011, it is seen that the number of viewers increased when visuals like infographics are added. The number of infographics vendors is increasing and hence the competition is getting tougher day by day. This is indeed helping to improve the quality of contents. It’s always said that there should be healthy competition to bring out the best results.

4. Definitely Facebook, Blog, Twitter

Cloud gives you space for marketing your content. It can be seen that the number of tweets, blog posts and Facebook status updates have increased incredibly. With the increase in social media users, it should be easy for you to direct audience to your visual contents.

5. Youtube

This has become the most popular website for watching videos. A major traffic can be caught from here. If the viewer finds your video interesting, an immediate share is the reaction. You have a better chance of reaching more people. And the result would be you move ahead in the race with other companies, in terms of your product sales as well as in search engine rankings.

 6. Provide opportunities

1 handshake

You can give your customers chance to exhibit their content writing skills. This will help in building a trustworthy relationship. Maybe you could make your customers wear/use your products, and have a picture taken. And you could share it in the social media networks, so that your products can reach a bigger crowd.

 7. QR Codes

1 QR-CodesCUT31

Since the number of people using smart phones is increasing day by day, QR codes is indeed the best option to start mobilization of content and advertisements. All you need to do is make a picture of your product along with a QR code (the picture should be attractive). Once the viewers find it interesting, they will definitely scan through the QR code, which will then direct them to your website, where you can include all the details of your product.

1 computer-notebook-baby-boy-laptop-other-854x960

Visuals have become an unavoidable part in communication and marketing. The strategic use of images, infographics, and social media networks help reaching the targeted audience in no time. If you believe in advancements and trends, make sure you form definite strategies to save your brand and company.