Measuring The Success of Content Marketing

September 11, 2013 by IZE Creative

Content Marketing is neither too wide a section in the cavalry of Digital Marketing and neither is it too much of a niche. And, neither is it somewhere in the middle. Its a whole different realm in itself, defined by the person who gives the definition.

For the marketers who understand the truly value of content for a brand and its recognition/awareness, its sort of like Midas’ Touch – you do it right, you’ll reap the benefits literally in gold. Content Marketing is about creating, curating and innovating new relevant content which is of value to its consumer base and adds value to their needs and requirements. Its all about Inbound Marketing – making the customer come to you via content they find useful, and then eventually getting a place in their mind and heart as a reliable source of media. All this sounds intangible. But if one knows how to measure the lead conversions, everything’s measurable.

The following Infographic from explains very well about measuring Content Marketing and the awareness, consideration and conversion factors included in it.

As mentioned in the infographic, the three sections are summed up as follows:




how to measure success of content marketing infographic