Leveraging Linkedin For Your Business

September 4, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

‘Linkedin’ is a vibrant social network which enables you to build a professional network, post thought-provoking questions, get answers & post and find jobs – thereby working as one of the best Social Network available to a niche audience.

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A user can search and find all the people employed at a certain job or various jobs certain person has worked for. Unlike Facebook and similar virtual networks where you post, chat and share everything informally with your friends circle, Linkedin is where users keep things pretty formal. This doesn’t mean Linkedin has a low user base. As of now, Linkedin is ranked third in world’s most popular social networking sites, with over 110,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors.

“ Business leads can post job openings. Is that all? What makes Linkedin different from other social media sites? ”

In simple words, most of the professionals own Linkedin account. When your employees try to complete their profile, they will have to type in where they work. Everyone who connects with your employees or those who visit your employees profile may potentially click on your company name to see your company page.

Also you can talk about your multiple products/services on your Linkedin page. Thereby, clients can see how many of their connections recommend your products/services.

Some useful tools available in Linkedin are :-

 –          Linkedin Answers

This is where users can post queries on your business. This is a perfect platform for you to maintain good relationship with your clients. Do utilize it well.

-          Linkedin Apps

Linkedin page apps are similar to Facebook apps.

-          Linkedin Groups

Join groups and discussions that attract your prospects. This is an under-utilized section to expand your company’s reach.

-          Linkedin People

Sales people, job seekers and business to business who are looking for a big break can use this facility.

-          Linkedin Direct Advertisements

They work the same way Google paid search ads work.

-          Linkedin Mobile app

When you are making one-on-one contacts in a conference, ask them to turn on Linkedin and bump the phones lightly. In a flash of seconds, Linkedin will transfer your contact info using Bluetooth. Awesome right ?

This is just a run-through of the basic features I found would be helpful to the Businesses. Lots of new tools are being added to the Linkedin toolbox each day, resulting in a bettered experience for the user and leveraging the value of the network.

Keep following its progress via their digest mails mentioning every update.

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- Georgy Abraham
(M): georgy@izecreative.in