Infographics in Online Marketing

October 4, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

Infographics, as the name suggests, means the right blend of information and graphics. They are widely shared in web world as they convey information easily than other modes. Moreover, they involves graphics which makes it more easier to remember them.

8 infographicstatistics


Infographic designs are time effective also. Rather than sifting through a long essay like note or blog post (which may take more than 10 minutes), information seekers feel like to go for an Infographic design depicted on same topic. Above all, infographic designs are pleasant and they get’s us right to the heart of the data or comes straight to the point. Attention grabbing infographic wins the heart and doubles the reach in no time.



That doesn’t mean infographics and data visualizations are the same. Mode of operation has similarities but the difference is more about the objective. Information graphics are used to tell a story or answer a question while, data visualizations are used to let the user find his own story or answer.

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From the SEO point of view, your company gets more exposure if and only if a lot of backlinks direct the audience to your site. This will create a buzz with your target audience, similar industry people and increase your branding. But that doesn’t mean infographics is a tool or shortcut to success. Just like every other means of promotional techniques, designing infographic takes a lot of time and effort.

If you design a visually appealing infographic foreseeing possibilities in marketing, you will have to add information that you target audience might find useful. Else you are wasting your time.

In prehistoric ages, early humans created the first information graphics: cave paintings. The same skill got improvised day by day, and now in 21st century Infographics is widely used in every where to present information in a more comprehensive manner. Future of this mode of information passing is animated or interactive video info graphics. Video info graphics are of various kinds, among them most common are animated shorts which illustrate statistical data to make a larger point.

So, are you all set to visually market your ideas !??

  • Subin S B

    Good article, though the infographic about infographics took time to understand.

    • Vijay S Paul

      Thanks Subin!
      Well, I agree the infographic was a bit confusing. We ourselves took quite a bit of time understanding it before finally posting :D

      – Vijay
      IZE Creative