Facebook’s Mobile Marketing Magic

September 5, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

4 How-to-Use-Facebook-for-Mobile-Marketing

” One in seven searches are done on a mobile device. Marketing is going mobile !”

Studies prove that 500+ Million people use Facebook’s mobile App. In simple words, users spend more time on Facebook’s mobile app/site than its desktop version. Facebook is slowly opting Mobile over Desktop for advertising. The ads(sponsored stories) which appear within users news feed have 12 times higher click through rate than desktop ads.

What is the need of a pro designer in SMM teams if the mobile version of Facebook is outgrowing desktop version, our clients used to ask.
The visual content featured on your business’s Facebook page initially grabs the user attention right ? The mobile homepage has the same cover photo and display picture. Even though Content is the King, design makes user to go through the content.

Apart from designs and contents, recent photos, recent location check ins, events and other connected apps are some of the under-utilized options available in mobile version. ‘Check-in’ tool is a bliss for local businesses. With this feature, offering rewards for improving business became easy as customers can claim the same through the mobile app. Event Management has become more convenient with Facebook’s tool. If exact address is typed in while scheduling an event, then attendees will be provided with real-time accurate directions from their current location(availing GPS) to the event.

Optimization of content plays a key role in Mobile marketing. Case studies show that, 61% of users who visit a not-mobile-friendly site are likely to visit a rival company’s site. The same is true for Facebook pages too. So make sure your posts are mobile friendly and will look the same on mobile devices as it does on a computer.

Some suggestions to optimize your page :

  1. Business’s mobile application

Fact: 53% of people want to download a business’s app from the fan page.

  2. ‘Call you directly’ option

Fact: 61% users want to be able to call you directly from the fan page.

  3. Use shorter forms to collect info about potential leads

Fact: Filling out a long form on a mobile device is irritating for almost all the users.

  4. ‘Locate nearest store’ option

Fact: 76% of people want to get location and operating hours from the fan page.

  5. Fit to screen

Fact: 76% of Mobile site users gets irritated when they have to scroll left or right in order to see/read a content.


Also keep in mind that :

- Long essays which may turn mobile users away from your page, so try to post concise status updates.

- More likely, Long links shared are avoided by users. Utilize the tools to shorten each and every one of the link shared.

– Complex graphical contents won’t suit compact screens, so if possible convey the matter through simple visual content.


So tell us, are you all set to market your business on mobile platform ??



(Content Courtesy : www.hubspot.com )

- Georgy Abraham
(M): georgy@izecreative.in