Effective Content Marketing Strategy

October 31, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

” Traditional Marketing talks at People.

Content Marketing talks with them. “

                                                                – Doug Kessler

So how can you effectively transform the facts and other information you have into a masterpiece stuff for content marketing ?

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Well-defined strategy is the right flavour which will let you market the content and satisfy your clients. Start designing the right goals which your clients may seek online. The purpose of what you are deliberately working is a key to the success of the content. Each company management entrusts their content marketing team to pursue certain goals with the marketed content. It ranges from making their clients to google and find out more on the company, redirecting the clients to the company website or to passing a  message about your firm.

Primary goal of your marketed content should be Brand Awareness. Readers should get glued to the content you have presented and in someway it should showcase your company’s expertise in analyzing various data. There by paves way to promote your brand/company.

Educating your valuable clients is another efficient way to make the content work. Identify your target audience, understand their needs and problems and finally have a keen research on their buying questions. Note down the questions which your client relations department hears from clients. If you can figure out how to solve those and if you can work on articles keeping those questions in mind, you will be even able to convince initially hesitant customers. Eventually you will become a trusted and credible source for information.

11 content-marketiKeep in mind that, customer engagement is a golden opportunity to connect. All the above efforts to create and present content will end up in vain if you are not responding to your client’s comments or questions. Brand is just an entity, which acts as a medium to market. Clients want to buy (let it be service/product) from people, not a brand.

To conclude in simple words, content marketing is the next level of advertising. If you can move ahead designing your content with the above mentioned goals clients will start to see the brand in a new light.

(Content Courtesy : forbes.com)

~ Georgy Abraham