Digital Audience Behaviour Statistics – India

November 20, 2013 by IZE Creative

Each brand knows its audience – the centrally targeted ones and the secondary ones. Cricket gear selling brands might know their target audience are males of age group 15-30 mostly. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any women interested in buying the sports gears.

Or even consider sports accessories in general, not confining to a specific sport. While in certain segments likes cosmetics, where the target audience is pretty clear, the same isn’t the case in all scenarios. In such said cases, a market research is needed. These market researches include study of Digital Audience Behavior.

The promotion of a brand hugely rests upon the interests of their target audience. This interest is identified by analyzing the digital behavior (location, login pattern, browser info etc) of the targeted demographics.

Given below, we have included an infographics, based on the data from ComScore, released in their PDF dated 22 August 2013.

As per the data, while Social Networking shares the most on-screen time in most countries, e-mail also shares a good share of the lot. The fastest growing web categories include Apparel, Comparison Shopping, Blogs and Financial Information/Advice. Also, though Google sites boast of the maximum number of online visitors, Facebook takes away the baton with maximum minutes per visitor.

P.S. The infographic for Digital Audience Behavior has been designed in-house by our team at IZE Creative, based on data shared by ComScore.

- Vijay S Paul