Buyer Personas & Content Marketing

February 15, 2014 by Preethy V Warrier

Content has become the King in marketing strategy. And content marketing an unavoidable action. One performs different tactics to reach the customers – visual content marketing, blogs, social media websites and more.

Have you ever felt that your company has failed in meeting the exact demands of your clients? That, though you feel like you’re solving the problem, customer satisfaction isn’t high? Well, it is mainly because the target should customers rather than the products.

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Buyer personas have become very important for Content Marketing. For those who are new to the topic, this small definition can be a guide. Buyer personas, an archetype or profile gives entire information about the customers, industry, its size market segment, and role. With this, it is possible to create contents that are actually relevant to your potential customers. Take care that it is specific and not general. Customers don’t generally search for wide area topics.

All said, here are 5 points on Buyer Personas for better Content Marketing-

1. Who is your actual customer?

Identify who is your actual customer, instead of designing your product and then publicizing about it. Different customers will have different problems. Identifying them and having a deep insight into their goals can produce effective contents.


2. Listen to them

This could be done through surveys or targeted interviews. Past data should also be considered while developing new strategies. This helps in making quality contents rather than a lengthy vague ones.


3. Check your website’s analytical data

After you have identified your actual customers and their problems, definitely the next step is finding solutions. But this doesn’t end your duty. Have a close watch on your website, and note the keywords commonly searched. This might vary with time. You have to be very observant.

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4. Make sure you update your website

Make charts and sheets based on the commonly searched solutions. Update your website with the contents related to latest problems. If not properly maintained, your SEO ranking will also be affected.


5. Pictures of your customers with learning materials can be of help

This will definitely attract more customers. Properly positioned links and calls so that your website visitor would feel like returning back to your site.

With the growth of competition in Content Marketing it is necessary that you start working on new technology fields. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal which cannot be easily obtained.

When doors of opportunities open, don’t spend time in making a lock for them.


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