Business Blog Idiotism

September 3, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

Last day, while going through the website of a 3 year old consultancy firm, I was directed to their so called ‘Company Blog’. It was a complete  mess – it was published on a (free) domain !

I left a mail to their marketing lead, pointing out this epic failure. I was hoping that they would respond positively, so that I could point out rest of the mistakes. Their blog was more unprofessional than a lovesick boy’s Facebook timeline.

But unfortunately, I was disappointed after reading their response.

It said they started blogging even before buying their website domain. So they decided to continue blogging in an informal way such that it would be unique, while their corporate website remained professional.

Now this is the issue we see most out there in the business blogging world. So I felt like sharing some of the points which I have mentioned in my response.

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PS: This is how I explained the whole process in simple words. Can’t go further deep. If you think, you can’t handle the situation all by yourself, feel free to mail us at  :)

~ Georgy Abraham