Best 5 Instagram Marketing Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

November 26, 2015 by IZE Creative

With more than 400 million registered users and 7 5 million daily users, Instagram has carved a niche for itself in the dynamic world of social media. It has taken the impact of visuals in social media platform to a whole new level of engaging user experience.

The tremendous success of Instagram can be attributed to it maintaining a distinct and unique identity. Beyond the normal user, what it offers for enterprises is an opportunity to juxtapose covert marketing schemes with persistence of vision.

In this scenario, here are 5 ways in which the hospitality industry can effectively use Instagram as a marketing tool.

1. Emotions through images

They say, ‘A picture is with thousand words.’ so be careful about the thousand words that you put across. Instead of the cliché images that showcase luxurious interiors, try coming up with images that elicit emotions. View of romantic sunset from the balcony, or a pool under the night sky might strike a cord with the followers.

Instagram Strategies for Hospitality industry-Hotel Pool on Night Sky

2. Choose your hash tags carefully

This is one tip that is applicable for all Instagram users. The right kind of hash tags can help you reach a much larger audience than your followers. You can also come up with a unique and trendy hashtag that will serve as a signature for you campaign.

3. Let the customers fill your frame

Including rave customer reviews and experiences can help promote your posts. This strategy can be particularly helpful as the customers themselves will take effort to share and publicize such posts. No matter what, the best form of advertisement is through the word of mouth. So highlight customer reviews in your posts. A well publicized photo contests for customers can be highly effective in making your presence felt in this platform.

4. Make the most out of local attractions

If no man is an island, then no tourist destination is a solitary entity. Local attractions can be tied into the whole customer experience that you are planning to deliver. After all what is Agra without Taj Mahal or Allepey without house boats? Select rare and local attractions which are catchy as well as helps the local community.

Instagram Strategies for Hospitality industry_local attractions

5. Images that endure

At the end of the day, Instagram is a free photo sharing tool and what stands out should be the images. Snaps that attract eyeballs will garner more attention and eventually more followers.

Instagram Strategies for Hospitality industry_Emotion through images

In a dynamically altering social media space, the immense scope for marketing is yet to be tapped to its full potential. It’s definitely going to be fun watching the space, especially with the Brand Wars going on between various hospitality giants across the globe.

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