All set to face 2014 with your Content Marketing Strategies ?

November 14, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

How to face the transitions to Content Marketing Trends of 2014 !?

12 content-marketing-resized-600The first and foremost advice is to understand current Content Marketing Scenario. Surveys and studies suggest that 93% of B2B Marketers use content marketing, which is of course much higher than the graphs plotted last year. This itself proves the growing confidence in the practice of Content Marketing. Marketing Professionals are underlining their prediction that the upward trend in those who believe in Content Marketing will continue in 2014.

Newbies used to raise this doubt whether, documenting the content strategy is a must or not. 2013 stats suggest that 44% of respondents have a documented content strategy, while 49% don’t and 5% were unsure. Majority marketers are not comfortable with documenting every strategy, but apart from stats, B2B Content Marketers who document strategies are far more likely to report being effective than those who don’t. Codified and linked strategies in some way guarantee a more effective ROI. As a matter of fact, even new staffs can start from where you have halted for a while.

Deeper analysis on tactics formation showed that an average of 50% more tactics and strategies by the most effective content marketers when compared with least effective marketers. This again proves that (multifaceted approach) diversified approach in all strategy formation activities improves the success rate.

Multifaceted approach has got its limitations if you are failing to draw the attention of the crowd from various platforms. This is underlined with the finding that on an average 7 different social media platforms are used by most successful marketers, while the less effective marketers utilize only 4 platforms on an average. 12 content-strategy

Hope 2013 stats on content marketing success rates have initiated brainwaves in you. Moving ahead and stepping into next year with out pre-planning is idiotism. Chances for drastic changes are very feeble, so trends from these datas should form the base for our initial plans and once you feel like you are on right track, go for improvisations. Maintain a focused strategy, keeping in mind that success depends on multiple distribution platforms. Meanwhile, make sure you give instructions to anyone among your teammates to constantly search for more platforms to distribute the content.

Content marketing got established ages ago and its still growing. Improvisations and evolution may alter the way content is marketed nowadays, but no drastic change in market is gonna overpower content marketing. It will retain its position as the most feasible and successful B2B marketing strategy.

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