6 Steps to Manage an Outsourced Content Marketing Team

May 11, 2014 by Binu George

All set to outsource the content creation of your organization? Envisioning perfect tailored content at apposite moment? Don’t just hire an outsourced content marketing team! To get that perfect satisfying blend of content, get to managing your outsourced agency.

You are hiring a set of people who can save your time and be huge assets to your organization (Read as IZE Creative – a bit of shameless self marketing for us).

To ensure that its actual value addition that is happening, here are a few tips.

1. The Right Partnership

Don’t just go with the first person or company who lends you a hand. Field a few pitches, at least. Be sure that you understand their work culture and that you can cohesively build your team around them.

Yes, it warranties a good deal of thought when you’re handing the right and responsibility to speak on your behalf. Ensure that what’s spoken is what you want to be conveyed and is conveyed in the circles where you want visibility. Don’t get misled by the disco balls and fireworks unless they can tell you how those efforts will translate into measurable results.

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2. Be in the loop

However busy the business is keeping you; never let content bypass an internal scrutiny. Of course, not everything can be scripted. There will be stories and events that happen without anticipation.

Decide where and how you want to play – will you require approval for these one-off posts? Is it worth the time delay? Decide and commit to getting the good stuff out there in a timely fashion. Map out a strategic and quick manner for the content to go out, ensuring that you are always kept in the loop.

3. Communication of expectations

Set your expectations for updates, reporting, and input levels. Clearly communicated expectations will go a long way in ensuring a healthy partnership. This is different from just goal-setting.

As an outsourced marketing client, you can be as low or high-maintenance as you want to be.  You can ask for weekly write-ups or quarterly reports. You can do your own performance analysis, or you can wait for scheduled updates. You can personally review every word of content marketing that’s written on your behalf, and you can ask for revisions—times ten.

You can change your mind and ask for a different set of outputs, but the underlying collaboration is important.

4. Be flexible

Remember that marketers are trying to balance your input and preferences against the many best practices that have proven effective across all business sectors. There’s a learning curve on both ends of the equation.

Give and take is the best way to ensure you agency will consistently meet your expectations, and deliver even better work in the long run. Keep an open mind to suggestions and strive for a partnership that being a stickler for age old policies. Flexibility might even prove to be the biggest advantage of your partnership.

5. The Inside Scoop on the industry

Your agency will do its research, yes! The agency may already have some industry-related clients. Still, they aren’t walking in your shoes every day. You are the business pro

So share!  Send links to the articles and reports you love. Forward any samples of great competitor work that you find. When you’re jolted from sleep by a brilliant, brand-based epiphany, call your marketing team.

The inside scoop

6. Decide on a feedback mechanism

Develop a process for feedback and course-correction. Find out how you’ll work with them to gather, create and publish great content. Make sure to also identify people who will participate in each stage. Don’t be afraid to pass the baton. Everyone on your staff has unique insights. Some employees may even have a knack for blogging or an active interest in social media. These are great opportunities to start merging outsourced strategies with in-house talent.

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 Image Courtesy : gamerdad.com, gaeatimes.com