6 Reasons Why Startups Should Embrace Content Marketing

March 3, 2014 by Preethy V Warrier

As you move through the dates, you can find a number of startup companies rising. Analyzing the need of a customer, finding out solutions, sustaining the trust, marketing; all these are indeed a difficult task to handle simultaneously.

For startups, budget is always an issue. There is no overflow of revenue happening and the focus of the team is to establish a strong relation with their users which eventually is what it is all about – the better connection you have with your users, the better chances your product/service has of surviving in the market. And what better method to reach and establish an emotional connect with your audience, than with content!

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Content marketing is now booming high. Companies have already made it the primary strategy in marketing their products. Ranging from App Development firms to Software services firms, everyone has understood the power of self developed content. It is in this scenario that all organizations, especially startups are adopting Content Marketing seriously.

Take a look at these points on why content marketing is important to startups. They should definitely light your path to achieving your goal and mission.


1.      It is actually a collaborative strategy

Content marketing allows you and your customers to share your ideas, thoughts about the industry, customers’ problems, your solution etc. This will be really beneficial to you in adopting better methods of marketing. Constant feedback from the users and developing selfless content that’s useful for the audience makes a trustworthy impact in their mind about you.


2.      Helps build a strong user base

If the users feel that you value them, they will trust you. Your products will be viewed more, more will be talked about you, thereby improving the ranking in search results. This helps in increasing your customer retention rates, because of quality contents. One could compare it to Digital Word-of-Mouth.

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3.      Getting international recognition

When trying to invest money and time in business, traditional communication methods like radio, traditional print, become less efficient and more costly. That’s where the advantage of content marketing comes in. It gives you opportunities to participate in the international market, tap into global conversations and get a all-round perspective about your product/service.


4.      Practical knowledge – something that has to be developed

Proper content maintenance improves your practical knowledge along with theoretical. As you develop content for your audience, you start analysing all aspects of each and every single vertical in your field of work. And as your knowledge grows, so does your perspective widen on the problems you’re trying to solve. You will get to know your customers’ problem inside out, which will make it easier for you to find solutions.


5.      Reach beyond

People love to hear stories. Define a storytelling technique for your content strategy. People should be compelled to visit your website/blog to listen to the stories you have to say. They shouldn’t feel that they’re being sold your product/service. Rather, they should feel its their own stuff. Something they own.


6.      Subject matter leadership

The most important deal – being a continuous source of content the audience looks out for, establishes you as an influencer in the industry in no time. People start looking up to you to share opinions, thoughts and future prospects of the industry. That’s the power of content! Sharing insights and giving the audience something new each time are the best ways to polish your company and stand out as leaders.

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On a self-promotional note, we have been involved with Content Marketing for various startups and SME’s. The difference becomes pretty obvious. Even if the audience is restricted to a small community, continuously delivering content of value to them and which connects to them emotionally, that small group itself turns out to be the brand’s advocates. The WoM generated by these users is probably all that is needed to boost up the brand name for the startup.

Remember Whatsapp? They have never spent a penny in marketing. Its all WoM.


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