5 Things Content Marketers Can Learn From Interstellar

December 2, 2014 by IZE Creative

By now almost everyone who is even remotely interested in watching movies would have certainly watched Interstellar, to either awe and amazement to the sheer brilliance it is, or brain-fried trying to understand what the deal was all about. Well, we are no experts in judging movies, but for our whole team here at IZE, the movie was as brilliant as Chris Nolan has ever been.


And that got us thinking. With such deep content and a wide audience to cater to, could Interstellar be considered as an epitome of a good content strategy?

The answer, Yes! There are a couple of things content marketers can actually learn from Interstellar and Christopher Nolan.

1. Be simple.

Explaining Einstein’s Theory of relativity to the common crowd, explicating how a wormhole works and such “over-the-top” science jargon is no easy deal. Nolan in his movie perfectly showcases how even the most complex of concepts can be broken down in various ways to be made perceptible to the audience. Content marketers need to understand that no matter what the client plans to sell/market, there is always a right way of making it acceptable to the crowd.

  wormhole in interstellar

Even rocket science can be sold to a kindergartner. You only need to know how.

2. Don’t Consider Your Audience As Idiots

Making things simple is fine, now that we have said it once. But don’t make it too simple that the audience thinks you take them to be fools. Consider Interstellar here. Yes, Nolan has been successful in making things simpler than they actually are, but at the same time maintaining the integrity of the concept without diluting it. It’s not a “watch-and-forget” movie. To understand the whole deal one does need to rack their grey cells. And this is one factor which the audience has appreciated to a good deal.

content marketing - interstellar

Make your audience feel smart. Because once they know you give them that prominence, you are better expected to stay in their mind as compared to the common marketer who tries babysitting them.

3. Be Unique.

Interstellar stands out in lot many ways – for its visuals, background score, theoretical accuracy, direction etc. It has excelled not just in one field but in various, hence providing the audience with a complete treat!

And that’s exactly what Content Marketers should focus upon too. Just having good content with mediocre design or great design with grammatical errors won’t work out. The effort needs to be comprehensive. A level of comprehensiveness which can be brought about by a strong Content Manager/Marketer.

4. The Role of the Content Manager

The Content Manager plays a very important role in moulding the content strategy and the path of content dissemination for a client. Consider Chris Nolan as an apt example. As the director, he has taken active part in all spheres of the movie’s making – right from music to visual design to getting the science right. He has acted as the perfect Content Manager and “directed” all the departments together well.

Nolan Interstellar - Content Marketer

Every Content Manager/Marketer should understand that his role is not just restricted to designing the strategy and letting it off to the creative team. He should take up the responsibility of guiding and supporting the team along the path and ensuring that their creativity is at all times in sync with the end vision of the client.

5. When in Doubt, Ask the Experts

With a field as dynamic as Digital Media, its a hard fact that not all Content Marketers might be well informed/equipped in handling all sorts of strategies. Enter, experts.

It’s always good to refer to experts and take their advice when in doubt. Look at Nolan. He’s a film-maker and not a scientist, and he understood that in order to complete a movie based on theoretical physics he would unquestionably need an expert on the field – hence Kip Thorne was taken up as the scientific consultant, and later as executive producer, for Interstellar.

Expert advice can not only refine your existing strategy but in effect actually enhance your own skills and mind-frame on the subject.

I don’t need expert advice, said no one ever.

We aren’t any good with movie-making, but well if you have any needs with your Content Marketing, we sure can help. Amen to that!

Image Courtesy - okfilm.it, youtube.com, andrea-atzori.com, techtree.com
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