5 Reasons Why Enterprise Social Media Will Replace Email

March 6, 2014 by Binu George

Many speculate and/or declare that e-mail is dead with the boom in enterprise social media. The fact – current scenario couldn’t be farther from the truth.
E-mail users outnumber social media users by almost a million. Introduced about 40 years ago, it has become an indispensable part of daily routine for all its users, be it students, professionals or corporations.  The features like list management, segmentation and measurable ROI (return on investment) make it an effective conduit for businesses.
Enterprise Social Media
And what’s more, its versatile, ubiquitous and the first go-to factor for online marketing.

But, hey! Scenarios change. The social media scene is exploding. The growth in usage and reach is unparalleled. Times change and the people are adapting to the fast pace, instant responses, 24×7 visibility and transparency.

Considering all these, plus the growth trends seen now, the merits of social media in comparison with e-mail are worth noting:



Social media thrives on collaboration. It is designed to accommodate communication among groups of people on a common subject.

Be it a professional environment or social, transparent and accountable communication is essential. E-mail cannot effectively handle collaboration. It was designed for one-on-one exchanges. So as the information supply chain gets complex, the performance declines.

Social networks can handle both one-on-one and mass communication effectively. The emerging generation is sure of what it has to express and believes in prompt information exchange. An entirely engaged participation and improvements to collaboration, combined, would be the results of communication through enterprise social networks.

Collaboration Enterprise Social Media



 From the perspective of groups/organizations, when someone leaves the group, all the information on that person’s mail account disappears from its knowledge bank. E-mail’s current form as a stand-alone application is inadequate and inefficient.

On the Social platform, employees/employers could locate required information faster and cut down on the unnecessary responses. File attachments can be better managed and recovered. There will be more visibility and more accessibility. The information is no longer buried within individual accounts.


3.     PRIVACY

 What is the privacy on enterprise social platforms?

Hosted on a server in the cloud, the system is accessible through a user’s browser.  The message is stored on one server which is accessed via a virtual private network.

Do you think this is not secure? Take a moment and look at the privacy setting on e-mails. When an e-mail is sent, regardless of whether it is encrypted / protected or not, there would be the copy on your local machine, the mail server and mail server replicas. On the receiver end also, these many or more copies may exist. And if there are multiple recipients; well, you get the picture.

privacy - enterprise social media



Social media is a platform for promoting your visibility, as an individual or as a brand. Using witty text or an entertaining photo, you can garner public opinion promptly.  Listening on social media also helps in building your brand by analyzing the feedback and suggestions.

There is lots of transparency and the time to collect feedback is negligible in the present day. There is also a wide and wonderful selection of social media channels to choose from, on which would best serve your purpose.

On the e-mail front, we all manage multiple mailing accounts, one personal account, an official account, the client’s account, a group account and so on. The effectiveness in gathering feedback or providing timely response/assistance is hampered by the multiplicity. It consumes more people and more time.



Progress is a beautiful thing. In the case of social media, the progress is way beyond leaps and bounds.

Businesses are including social media in their budgetary plans, with year-on-year increase of even 100%. Early movers such as Salesforce, Microsoft and VMware have already implemented enterprise social networks in some of the largest organizations in the world.

Email has about 300 million users, after 40 odd years in the market. Social Media has over 150 million users too, in slightly over a decade’s time. The boom in the mobile user base will further propel this growth, no doubt.

Enterprise Social Media is on its way and rising gracefully. E-mail might not be at the verge of extinction, but it would slowly and definitely be relegated to the ranks of snail mail.


Image Courtesy: amaxnutrasource.comgawkerassets.com, cio.com