6 Points to be a Better Newbie Blogger

December 28, 2013 by Georgy Abraham

Stats show that Content Marketing is on a roll, eventually moving ahead all other modes of conventional marketing strategies. Those who have believed earlier that it will slow down, have changed their minds and are doing their best to ensure the attention from online traffic.

Latest studies concludes that 93+% business groups all around this planet are marketing their content, so in 2014(or atleast by 2015) market is gonna witness that moment when each and every firm/company out there are forming their own Content Marketing strategies. Analyzing the basic branches of Content Marketing, Blogging is one mode which is most widely utilized. But that doesn’t mean that blogging is a sure bet and it will let you win attention in no time!

Blogging takes hell lot of time to reserve constant readership, as it thrives mainly on organic traffic. So if you are a noob business blogger, don’t expect much hits initially. There is no point in wasting time refreshing the blog statistics/overview ever minute after publishing a new post. What’s actually wrong with your blogging strategies !?

It’s okay if you are a noob blogger, but don’t act as one.

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Hope you know that, readers more likely find you blog via search results. Then how to get found on various search engines?

Only pro-bloggers know how to play with key words. Even though SEO can draw readers attention, it alone won’t help the blog. Such initial boostings may help you win some hits of course, but it will be short-lived success if your blog lacks soul. Also it will never make the readers come back to your blog for more. Does that mean there’s no option left  for newbie bloggers to win readership?

Of course there are options. It’s you who decide the fate of your blog!

What do target audience want/ How to connect with them?

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Blog only when a striking topic comes up!? Regularity matters or not!?

Expanding the reach of each blog post is yet another marketing art.

Shares and re-shares do matter. But how to initiate readers?

If you keep the points above mentioned in mind and blog accordingly,  you will meet target audience’s expectations and hit that target.

PS: Establishing your blog as a credible and reputable source takes time and patience. If you know what I mean!