30 Ways To Get Started With Inbound Marketing

March 14, 2014 by Binu George

Remember the days of  incessant, annoying and incredibly ill-timed spam mails, cold calls, telemarketing and advertisements? Well, those days are long gone and its everything the present day marketing shouldn’t be.

Inbound marketing is the novel approach, where you get to attract the right kind of attention from your target crowd and get them to come to you.

The first step is to ATTRACT the right people. Happy customers of the future. Some tools that help with this are blogging, social media, website and even improving visibility during searches.  Once you’ve attracted a willing crowd to your site, they can be CONVERTED into leads. A lead is someone who volunteers their contact information. Who wants to be updated. This can be done by prompting them to fill out their information on forms in exchange for something they need from you; signing up for a newsletter or downloading a free eBook for example.

 inbound marketing vs outbound marketing ize creative

Once the lead has been confirmed, they can be turned into customers. This is called CLOSING. Find out what techniques worked and which ones didn’t. Finally and most importantly keep churning out incredible content. It’s what got them here and that’s what will make them stay. This one is DELIGHTING the customer. Delighting could turn current customer base into happy promoters and brand advocates for your product/company.

Here, we list out 30 ways to get started and improve upon your Inbound Marketing strategies.

  1. Make a how-to cartoon, explanatory animated video or even an article
  2. Do a rundown about the most popular and most recent news, relevant to your field
  3. Create a list of trends to watch
  4. Get the best for your audience  – top eBooks, top webinars, smart infographics or YouTube videos
  5. Highlight on conferences or webinars takeaways
  6. Spark conversation by offering alternative perspective to an industry trend
  7. Come up with some un-rebuff-able marketing offers
  8. At all times, check and tweak your keyword strategy
  9. Adopt social media managing, to develop strategies for various social networks, track the right metrics and integrate the best tools and practices on those platforms
  10.  Maintain and monitor a Twitter list of the actual publications and companies that matter most to your industry and community. When news breaks about your industry, be the first to share it. This builds authority
  11. Find Thought leadership
  12. Get pointers from experts and do a round-up of their recommendations.
  13. Invite a guest host. A celebrity or power figure of the community to interact directly with members and answer their questions
  14. Shatter or confirm common myths
  15. Rein in common sentiment during holidays or festivals
  16. Do a survey within your community and create an infographic based on the results
  17. Be active on social media, open to queries and suggestions
  18. Participate in relevant Twitter chats related to your community
  19. Use engaging language and tone for your posts/tweets/social media persona
  20. Post Tweets of your blog posts. Use a variety of headlines and test what drives the most click-throughs
  21. While featuring tools or other companies in your blog posts, cc them on the follow-up Tweets
  22. Run a contest and give away stuff that is interesting and relevant.
  23. Tag real people in photos – Their friends will see those photos, and it will drive a new audience to your page
  24. Share pictures from a local meet up, event or conference
  25. Compare and contrast two products in a photo. Prompt members to offer their views
  26. Find out an on-demand theme for next blog post, ebook, webinar, advertisement, event by asking the members.
  27. Obtain feedback and suggestions on already offered materials/services.
  28. Treat the various platforms distinctively. Don’t just cross post on Twitter and Facebook
  29. Be novel, fresh and unique.
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