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website building

Website Content Quality matters

September 30, 2013 by

The best practices to digitally market your product/service should start with improvising your website. Traffic and customer engagement happens only if you are willing to publish a  lot of well written specific content. But you have to understand the fact that your rivals are doing the same which you intend to do. The net effect […]

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6 Optimized-VideoSurvey1-1-2

How to market using article videos?

September 18, 2013 by

Article video marketing is way more appealing than other digital media marketing strategies deployed nowadays. No matter what you do online, you must have stumbled upon at least one video. Ain’t that true? Why is it known as Article Video Marketing? Simple. Because, it is an extended version of Article marketing and it’s often chose for […]

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how to measure success of content marketing infographic 2

Measuring The Success of Content Marketing

September 11, 2013 by

Content Marketing is neither too wide a section in the cavalry of Digital Marketing and neither is it too much of a niche. And, neither is it somewhere in the middle. Its a whole different realm in itself, defined by the person who gives the definition. For the marketers who understand the truly value of […]

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5 Email-QR-Code-Marketing

Should We Include QR Codes in Our Marketing Campaigns?

September 10, 2013 by

“Should We Include QR Codes in Our Marketing Campaigns?” The answer, is yes. In fact, if you are asking this now,  you’re already late. Era of gadgets has long been on and your clients are already ahead of you. You will lose this game for sure if you are still trying to keep up with […]

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4 Facebook-Logo-on-iPhone-4-and-Motorola-Atrix

Facebook’s Mobile Marketing Magic

September 5, 2013 by

” One in seven searches are done on a mobile device. Marketing is going mobile !” Studies prove that 500+ Million people use Facebook’s mobile App. In simple words, users spend more time on Facebook’s mobile app/site than its desktop version. Facebook is slowly opting Mobile over Desktop for advertising. The ads(sponsored stories) which appear […]

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3 linkedin-business

Leveraging Linkedin For Your Business

September 4, 2013 by

‘Linkedin’ is a vibrant social network which enables you to build a professional network, post thought-provoking questions, get answers & post and find jobs – thereby working as one of the best Social Network available to a niche audience. A user can search and find all the people employed at a certain job or various […]

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2 Business-Blogs

Business Blog Idiotism

September 3, 2013 by

Last day, while going through the website of a 3 year old consultancy firm, I was directed to their so called ‘Company Blog’. It was a complete  mess – it was published on a (free) domain ! I left a mail to their marketing lead, pointing out this epic failure. I was hoping that […]

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