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How To Use Facebook For Your Job Search

December 27, 2011 by

          No, we haven’t gone nuts! Its true. Facebook actually CAN help you with your job search. All you need to know is “how”. During the last few years we have heard many stories of how people have got fired by using Facebook. Ranging from status updates about how much you loathe your boss to […]

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How Optimizing Twitter Profile Can Help You Land A Job


          Twitter is not just a platform to tweet about everything under the sun. If used effectively, it can become an important weapon in your arsenal, for job search. Here are a few points on how you can use Twitter effectively. Have An Effective Bio Twitter allows you just 160 characters to write a bio […]

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How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Job Search


         As competition grows everyday with respect to all fields, it becomes more and more necessary that we fully understand the resources at our dispersal. With almost all of us having a Facebook account and a majority also having a Twitter presence, it is also needed that we understand the immense prospects LinkedIn reserves for […]

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Social Media Career

How To Effectively Use Social Media To Land A Job


        Almost all of us have some or the other form of social presence nowadays. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But how many of us have actually seen them as a means to help us land a job?? Whatever your answer be to the above question, what I plan to share here are […]

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The Dark Knight Rises – A Perfect Example of Viral Marketing

December 20, 2011 by

Seems Christopher Nolan has a real knack for online marketing techniques. Especially stuffs that go viral. He started off with the viral “Why So Serious” campaign in May 2007 for The Dark Knight,  that was to be released in July 2008. And he has done it again this time too with The Dark Knight Rises. […]

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Microsoft Goes

December 18, 2011 by

No, Microsoft is not planning to topple Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. They’re just stepping into a new research project for students. (pronounced “social”) is an experiment research project developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, focused on using the possibilities of social search for learning. Not that the concept is new, but this seems to […]

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Welcome Majel – Google Android’s Answer to Siri!

December 14, 2011 by

It was just a matter of time. As expected, Google has decided not to be left back with the success of Apple’s Siri. Well, the decision of not to be left back was done long before but it has gained momentum and publicity now. Codenamed “Majel”, after the Star Trek computer, it is an evolution […]

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Newton’s Papers Digitized

December 13, 2011 by

As the first step to making UK’s Cambridge University Library into a Digital Library, it has put 4000 pages of Sir Isaac Newton’s scientific papers online where they can be viewed, read and downloaded for free by anybody. The site reported that: “In a project that has long been overdue, Cambridge University, thanks to […]

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